Getting our first Visa!

5 Apr

We went first to the Kyrgyz embassy in Brussels. I have to say that was very easy to get the visa. Before going to the embassy we called the consul. For each question we asked for the answer was always the same “No Problem” 🙂 ! But then we went to the embassy of Azerbaidjan which is another story, (requested documents: invitation letter, bank details, and finger print scan) there is no place for the negociation and both of us have to be there to apply. Being in front of a wall we decided to do it later and focus on the others visas like Uzbekistan, (which is in progress) and Turkmenistan (which will be not easy either but we are better prepared). About China and Mongolia we plan to apply in Baku, Tashkent or Bishkek cause it seems we are short on time. 

One Response to “Getting our first Visa!”

  1. Roland (l'imprimeur de Rixensart) April 5, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

    ça sent déjà bon le départ…

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