Slow start from Budapest

4 May



Only 3 days since the beginnig of this adventure and already so much to tell 🙂 We started late from Budapest so couldn’t covered more than 35 km the first day. Our first mission: finding the way how to get out of this huge city. Once done we kept cycling until reaching the fields. we stopped in a farm to spend the night and found ourselves surrounded by at least 10 dogs barkling when we came to ask for a place to set the tent. Quickly someone showed up to welcome us. Didn’t look friendly at first but after a few minutes they got curious and they offered us some beers and showed us their horses and the place to take a shower. The night was not so nice because of the hen :s . on the picture below Vivien and Peter.Image

The second day was pretty tough because we wanted to fit with our plan, I mean getting to a place with river who’s called Tiszakécske. It started on a terrible sandy way where we couldn’t find the exit because of so many directions but we managed to find the way out and got back on the road.


Now we are already deep in the countryside 🙂 we cycle trough some nice villages and are proud the reach   the 100km on the counter.


Let’s have lunch on a lake side and have a small nap 🙂 .Image

we woke up so early to get to the target of the day and it is becoming real, just a few kilometers left and we’ll be on the Tisza river!


We made it, we are tired but happy to set a fire after a good swim.Image

We just had the time to eat our dinner when it started raining heavily with thunder and beautiful lightnings. Listening some good reggae in the tent it is time now to get some sleep 🙂 .

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