Day 4!

6 May

This is a shiny day, we had a good sleep in our cottage after enjoying the pools. The plan of the day it’s to cycle from Szentes to Gyula, the last city before reaching the Romanian border. We still have to cover an 100K so we better to start early. The first part of the day is really windy but we feel having good legs so we covered more than 40K before midday.


After lunch we take a look on the map hesitating between two roads (one is longer but suitable for cars and bicycles for sure and the other one looks more like rough road). So we choosed the rough one with no regrets because it is a super nice track between the fields where we can even reach the 25 Kph speed 🙂


Suddenly the path comes to an end and we have to choose right or leftside with high grass .


We go left and fortunately it is just 200m before it goes back to a nice way. We are sorry to surprise deers taking a nap under the trees but then we can enjoy looking at them running in the fields! 🙂 . This was for me probably my best memories being on this path with the wind in my back I can really feel the freedom! We are now back on a village road where it’s seems to be a religious ceremony in a garden with brassband. There we are getting some wine and cakes to get ready for the last 30K.


Yes we made it and now it is palinka time!!! There is a distillery just next the border sign welcoming us 🙂


After this nice moment it is time now to get to a lovely house with very friendly people who will host us for two nights in Gyula (couch surfers community). Just arrived and we already get the nicest food since a while. Having a night walk and let’s sleep.Image

Now that I finished writing this post, let’s have a swim with our super friendly host Agi in the famous and historical thermal station of Gyula! 🙂

One Response to “Day 4!”

  1. mandine May 7, 2012 at 6:38 am #

    chouette ce bon départ !bisous mandine

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