We are in Romania!

9 May


Yesterday we crossed the Romanian border with colder weather and a grey, unfriendly sky. But at least, no rain.  We could feel the landscape changing from flat lands to  small, then bigger hills.


Nice castel, but unfortunately not maintained, that we have encountered on the way, in Ineu.


We first planned to stop half way to Plescuta (my friend’s village), but finally felt like keeping up cycling there straight in a day, covering 127K. Our record so far!


Almost arrived at destination 🙂


As we expected it was open doors and after less than 5 minutes we were sharing glasses of Tuica (the strong local drink) with my friend that i’m used to call Don Director, the retired director of the primary school of the village. I have been visiting Plescuta with belgian scouts in 2004, and came back here every four years since then.


It was so nice to be received that way. After a good dinner with eggs and homemade cheese we took a hot shower and went to sleep, as we felt pretty tired after cycling such a distance.

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