Day 10, Deva to Sebes!

13 May

We got waken up late by our room neighbor at about 10.30, which came handy had we had a interview at 11.30 with the national belgian radio PureFM, that hosts a program about belgians abroad (listen the the interview here). Once set up to go, Csaba offered us some slightly sparkling mineral water from a nearby spring.

Apuseni Moutains

We got advised on the roads to follow and took a small, scenic road beside the Motilor Apuseni Parcul, and encoutered plenty of shepherds walking their goats, farmers with their cows, and horses pulling entire families.

A friendly shepherd

Several people are making honey on the road and we got a pretty detailed explanation about the fabrication process…interesting, but hard for me (Yves) to stay focused as I really cant stay too close from those bees!

Yves’ best friends 🙂

Romi the honey maker

After 4PM, the temperature decreases and the light gets warmer, ideal for photographies. It is one of our most pleasant ride so far. We crossed a romani town, full of colours, kids washing in the river, horses and goats mixing with the people hanging out in the streets.Some kids starting to follow us, playing popular romanian music on their phones and escorting us towards our destination. Those kids have been really helpful as we would have definitely chosen the wrong way if they didnt show up.

Gabi you really rock!

After 5 hours on the bike, we decided to climb a hill and camp on the top of it. It had been our biggest effort of the day to pull our stuff up there, but we ended up with a fantastic view, looking 360 degrees over mountains, forests, and Mures river.

A moment of satisfaction 😉

We met a shepherd with his 100s or so sheep and -5 dogs-, asked him if it was fine for us to stay there for the night. It was really hard to get the communication through but we understood that there are a few wolves in the forest in front of us, which made us slightly hesitant about where to put the tent, and if it was a good idea to stay there after all. We met another shepherd with a few words of german, and believed he was telling us it was fine to stay as the wolves tend to stay in the forest.

From another time!

We fixed up the tent, had our typical bread / olive oil / sausage / cheese dinner and then relaxed under the stars in this wonderfully nice camping spot. 

In the morning, we got waken up by our friend the shepherd, who knocked at the tent : “Copii, copii -Kids, kids-, time to get up”, at 6.45AM.

Nico does like getting up early 🙂

We opened the tent and were surrounded by all the sheep looking at us…a pretty funky morning sight!

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