Day 11, Sebes to Sibiu!

13 May

Our pleasant camping ground

The first mission of the day was to go down with the gear and get back on the road.

From the top

Nico managing the way down

Once done, we had to get back on the national road for about 15km, passing through Sebes, a town rather than a village, where we ride beside trucks and fast cars. As soon as we could, we took a right and got back on the small roads we like. We entered a Unesco rural area, drove towards fields and vineyards before reaching Calnic, where we could visit a 13th century castle, nicely maintained by the local community.

The bell tower

View from the bell tower

After lunch, we did chose to continue riding small paths, but it became much harder than expected, as the road was really steep, and consisted in rocks, sand and earth. It seemed like a never ending climb, around 2 hours under the heat, we start sweating and swearing a lot, a premiere in our journey. From the top of the mountain (we didnt know we were about to climb a mountain), the view is really awesome. And we are awesomely exhausted.

Typical village of Transilvania

The reward was nice enough though : a splendid 20 km ride downhill through forests and typical villages. As Sibiu is the next big town in the valley, we just had to let ourselves go and we reached our destination at about 7.30PM. Those 90km were not the easiest ones, but it was a good training for the next big step, the Transfagarasan -crossing the edge of Carpathian from north to south-.

An Awesome down hill ride

We have been received like kings by friends’ parents with warm welcome and traditional food : sarmale, csorba, mamaliga, sweets and more.

Sarmale 🙂

A warm shower and a funny chat in french/romanian/what else/ later and we’re good to crash in our bed. We decided to take a day off after 3 days of intensive ride, so we will spend some time to visit Sibiu, one of the nicest town in Romania, and rest before the big climb.

2 Responses to “Day 11, Sebes to Sibiu!”

  1. Diana May 13, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    Great choice to have some rest in sibiu 😉 if you could just send me your e-mail i can send you the contact from Buzau, we have been speaking about a few days ago. When do you estimate you get there? aproximately…Enjoy the ride and see you in Bucharest

    • cyclingfurther May 14, 2012 at 7:17 am #

      Hi Diana, this is our romanian phone number, 0754634503 and the email adress is, > Thanx for helping on this adventure, see you soon 😉

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