Day 9, Plescuta to Deva!

13 May

Nico, Stefan [Don Director grand son] and Yves ready for a race!

We left Plescuta on the 10th of May, heading up to Deva, 70 km away from our little village. As always when possible, we chose to not stay on the national roads but rather go through the smaller ones that cross villages. The landscapes have changed, we’re now on big hills / small mountains and we go slightly slower.

Wellcome to the Hunedoara region!

Villages are more distant from each other and the scenery is fantastic. We climb our first seriously steep roads and start sweating much more than we’ve been used to so far.

Scenery on the way

First victory

After climbing for about 2 hours to reach Valisoara, we enjoyed a 10km ride going downhill, followed by a very fast dog running behind us , the whole way down. He well deserved the piece of cheese we had left from lunch, but we still had to get rid of him as we didnt need a dog to go to China…even if he was very human friendly.

Speedy Dogzales

We reached Deva at about 7PM and went straight to the hungarian orphanage that had been recommended to us both by Agi, our host in Gyula, and Anna. We have met the kids and teachers from the school and got fed with sausages and mustard, a popular combination in this part of Romania. After the meal, we visited the city center of Deva with Csaba, the music teacher.

Deva City center

After having some beers (Ciuc, a nice romanian beer, and Grimbergen Double, to feel like home). We then came home and starting celebrating Yves’ birthday with some tuica we got offered from the school in Plescuta.

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