Day 13…rain

14 May


After saying goodbye to Anna and Jean who took care of us in Sibiu, it is time for us to get back on the bike. The weather is pretty cold and humid, a climate we didn’t experience so far. But it feels like Belgium, so we’re not too disoriented. Despite the rain, cute old ladies are working in the fields and meeting them help us go trough it.

The rain becomes even worse along the way up to the point that we are completely wet


We stopped for lunch in a village, and people were looking at us as we were from another planet. The food does the job to make us feel better, and the weather decide to give us a truce stopping this pooring rain. Dried, we went back to cycle and everything seemed to be nicer.


The old ladies we cross on the way act like our mom’s and were even giving us biscuits and wishing all the best which  is really appreciated.



We are now close to one of the big expectation of the trip! The Transfagarasan, the  most famous road to transfer from the north side of the Carpathian to the south with the highest altitude in Romania. The road is opened to cars only 3 months in the year, from june to september, so at this period of the year we might have it all just for us! 🙂


We know that we won’t make it today so let’s have a break in Cartisoara, a small town at the bottom of the mountains, to get ready for tomorrow.


The place is really nice and Viorel is a perfect host, offering tuica and making barbecue.



We have spent our evening sharing glasses until late. So! Noapte buna everyone and see you soon. Tomorrow will be a huge day, so i’m going to sleep now (Nic).

One Response to “Day 13…rain”

  1. Jonathan May 15, 2012 at 9:05 am #

    Putain elles sont trop belles vos photos… That’s the craic man!!! Ca me donne trop envie de partir visiter tout ça….Good luck pour la suite!! (en même temps avec Nic comme grigri je m’en fais pas trop..)

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