Day 16

19 May

The day started with a quick check up of the bikes, needed after fighting with snow and ice in the mountain. Once done we are back on the (pretty monotonous) road, flat lands and grey sky, but the legs are not complaining. The villages are also less cute than the ones we’ve been exposed to previously, and we can feel a difference with a population that seems  a bit less friendly. Reaching Pitesti, we discover a big city where poeple seem enjoying living there. We even find a Mc Donald and surprisingly it feels good to stop there having a menu 🙂 .

After cycling for 85 kilometers we start feeling tired and decide to get accomodation because the weather keep being unstable with frequent showers, which is not too camping friendly. Also, some kids tried to steal my -Nico’s- handlebar luggage while cycling so we definitely prefer to get a room and secure the bikes. We enter a small city called Gaesti and find a place there for the night. We meet some cool crazy romanians watching the derby football game between the two teams from Bucharest, join them, and celebrated Steaua’s victory with in a romanian style. After few glasses, the crazyest of the gang offered Yves his t-shirt of romanian team, traded with his swimming shorts 🙂

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