Day 17 – Milestone : 1000 Km from Budapest to Bucharest!

19 May

Today we feel the traffic increasing on the road as we get closer from Bucharest. We still have to cover 70 k to get to Irina and Marius’ appartement (Yves’s friends hosting us for the week-end). The weather is better with sunrays even showing up from time to time. A few kilometers before reaching Bucharest we stopped to celebrate our 1000k accomplishment, as you can see the picture above 🙂 . Getting back on the road we have to deal with more and more trucks throwing wind waves straight on our side. Add dogs running and barking after us on the bill and you get the picture of what the afternoon looked like.

We got closer from the city and didn’t have to search too long for the place as it is just on our way. We dropped our luggage after meeting Irina and Marius and got ready for a relaxing week end, which is welcome because the legs feel a bit tired after 5 cycling days in row. No more trucks for the next 3 days, let’s breath!  After a good shower we have dinner in a super nice italian restaurant with our hosts’ crew, all really nice people we can talk to in english. Feels good!

2 Responses to “Day 17 – Milestone : 1000 Km from Budapest to Bucharest!”

  1. Roland (l'imprimeur de Rixensart) May 21, 2012 at 2:32 pm #

    Mille bornes, ça commence à être sérieux, n’oubliez pas de bien graisser le dessous de votre selle en cuir; il ne faut plus graisser que les deux points qui sont en contact avec les deux pointes des os illiaques du bassin. Normalement, vous allez commencer à sentir une différence de texture de la peau à ces deux endroit de votre anatomie (Pas plus grand qu’une pièce d’un euro). Je suis chaque jour avec vous en rêve et heureux qui comme Ulysse…

    • cyclingfurther May 21, 2012 at 9:32 pm #

      on a justement été faire un check up aujourd’hui. ca fait plaisir de savoir que tu suis activement notre aventure 🙂

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