Day 18 Nico’s Birthday

19 May

We are writing from the appartement we’re staying in. The city of Bucharest is under water and watching at the news we see that the whole country is drowned. So, better to be here relaxing and not cycling. This morning we had to get a package at the Belgian embassy (Spot connect device for emergency cases), and met the ambassador, mr. Philippe Beke,  who very kindly opened the doors even if the embassy is normally closed during the week end. It is a beautiful art deco house that the belgian state owns since 1928.

Belgian embassy in Bucharest 

He welcomes us asking if we want to drink something (beer or champagne?) while pointing the seats in one of the the nice old living room of the embassy. Telling him it is my birthday he straight goes for champagne 🙂 .

Yves and Nico posing with the ambassador

We talked about our trip, belgian economic activities in Romania, and belgian influences in Romania (especially in Transylvania) for about an hour and a half. The ambassador is interested in our trip and provides us good tips about the areas we will cross in the upcoming weeks. We then took some time to visit the ground floor of the house and had a look on that book, showing belgian embassies throughout the world.

Looking at the belgian embassies book

The beautiful ceiling

Leopold the First

But the reality gets back and after saying goodbye to the ambassador we are once again under that pooring rain that seems to never want to stop. We need to get some food so we have to walk a bit to reach a place for the lunch.

Mega rain

After lunched we ordered a cab from as it is raining so heavily that we can’t even go on the street to get one. The touristic afternoon won’t be for today. Back in the flat to relax before tonight’s party and birthday celebration 🙂

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