Day 21, 120 km fighting elements

22 May

We got up at 8 and it feels it’s gonna be a nice, sunny day, with birds singing and that kind of things. The mission consists in getting out of Bucharest -we’ve been sticking to it longer than expected-, and go for 120km ride to Buzau, a medium sized city on the way to the Ukrainian border. A big change after of 4 day of chillax and food with our fascinatingly nice hosts Irina and Marius. A few goodbye hugs and we’re out of the flat, on our bikes and looking for yogurt and bananas -that’s how we roll in the morning-.

8 Am goodbye picture with Irina and Marius

Looking for bananas

Looking for the way out

Once fed, out of the town and on the E85 (the national road leading to Buzau) we ended up in a lot of traffic, that we escaped as soon as we could, to get back to our beloved villages. We missed our chickens, cows and horses and it’s good to find them back.

Sun, flat green fields and good roads…it reminds us of those good old days of Hungary, and it feels nice. No cars ; just horses pulling carriages. Good. It didn’t last too long though, as we had to get back on the E85 just a few kilometers later, to cycle along the trucks.  A strong wind in the face drove Nico crazy, frustrated to be on a flat road, pushing hard to not get anywhere.

Dacia, what else?

The good thing on that road is that we have enough space to cycle somehow safely, it’s the one lane and a half special system ; and it looks like we have a very wide cycling path that is also used by slower cars (and trucks), but only when they want to let the faster ones bypass them.

The wind kept burning our calories so we stopped to get a big lunch full of fat, carbohydrates and proteins (mici, french fries, bread, salad and oil), and rehydrated properly before getting back on our bikes for the next 70km of the day. The wind got friendlier and changed its orientation so we could finally speed it up. We stopped for a coke after 35km, just enough time to let a big, black stormy sky take the whole space. As it didn’t seem to be a shortie, we put our jacket on and got back on the road, so that we could reach Buzau on time.

Feel the powa! -look at the trees-

We didn’t expect to have fun in the rain, but it was a blast! The wind was more or less in our back, the temperature was good, and we were completely soaked. The storm calmed down after half an hour or so, then Dan, our cyclist host for the night, called us and offered to escort us until the house. He found us on the road -not such a hard thing to do-, and lead us with his Dacia Logan to Buzau, that we entered like the real guys do on Champs-Elysees.

One Response to “Day 21, 120 km fighting elements”

  1. Seb May 24, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    Enorme! Et effectivement, on voit bien la force du vent sur la photo!
    J’ai bien en vous lisant ici 😉

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