Days 23-24-25 : Meeting more cyclists

26 May

Our hosts/friends from Buzau (Bogdan, Radu and Dan) are well connected to other cyclists associations and kindly arranged us a place to stay in Galati, 120 km away. We cycled the whole day on the same national road. It was completely flat and we could get there quite quickly -in about 6 hours ride-.

2 bikers on the road, carrying lots of luggage as well, stopped to talk to us. Tobias and Gunter were germans, and we found out we are going through very similar itinerary as they go to Mongolia via “*stan” countries and Russia (you can check out their site As this was pretty funny coincidence we stopped to take a picture, exchange stickers and compare our respective gears -.

We then decided to stop together for coffee and lunch, and went to the nearby restaurant on the road. We saw 2 more jeeps with german immatriculation and went to talk to them. Incredibly enough, they were going towards Mongolia too. We had to take that picture below, showing the 3 types of vehicles and 3 generations aiming at the same destination.

An hour later, we’re back on the road and the rain came back to say hello. The rain then upgraded to storm again and we’re getting soaked, a feeling we’re being used to now. We could take nice pictures though.

We arrived in Galati and met Christi and Georgi, president and vice president of the Galati Bicycle Club, who got us a free flat in the city center -cheers guys!!-. Christi is also the owner of the only bicycle shop of the city, Mausbike. It is therefore in pretty good company that we went for dinner in a good restaurant of the city, a tavern regularly hosting gypsy/folk live music bands such as Taraf de Haidouks (see video below, pretty good representation of the romanian countryside!)

The day after, we toured the city with Georgi in the morning, visited the shop then head up to the Danube that we had to cross. Due to the size of the river, there are no bridges and we had to take a ferry to cross it to reach the road that would lead us to Tulcea, the last “big” town before the Danube Delta.

Baking shoes for breakfast

MausBike shop

Crossing the Danube

When we arrived on the other side, it feels like a lost island as there is no more traffic, but big plain fields, monasteries, and shepherds. The scenery is magnificient, it’s dry and we have the wind in the back.

Buying cherries – the poor guy got arrested by the police just afterwards

We arrived in Tulcea early in the evening after a last long, 10% steep hill that finished us. We met Sorin, our contact from Tulcea, who is the president of the Pelican Bicycle Club, hosting us. Sorin, Tatiana and Eddy -the kid- welcomed us very warmly with fresh fish from the delta and delicious recipes. Sorin is as well Dj and ecologist, again we have a lot in common with our hosts which is a pretty good thing.

After dinner, we went to play pool in a disco/bar in town with some of our hosts’ friends. Belgians were pretty lame.

After a good night sleep, we went to the highest point of the region, from which you have a good view on the Danube delta. We then went to the market to get food for the night, as it is Sorin’s birthday and we need to get meat to put on the grill!

Where is Wally?

Sorin’s music shop

3 Responses to “Days 23-24-25 : Meeting more cyclists”

  1. Madalina Ana May 26, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Yves, j’aime bien ton t-shirt!

  2. Seb May 28, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Trop bonnes vos pics!!

  3. Françoise Charlier May 28, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    Quels superbes paysages… bien rendus par les photographes. Puissiez-vous continuer à faire d’aussi belles découvertes, tant humaines que géographiques.
    Mais cette route vers la Mongolie! Je la savais chargée de camions, mais pas d’autant d’amateurs d’aventure. C’est sympa et curieux à la fois.
    Bise à vous deux et bonne continuation.

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