Day 34, 35 Speeding up to Crimea

4 Jun

Our last day in Odessa is a sunny one. As we got delayed in Romania and wanted to discover -rather than cross- Crimea, we decided to take a train from Odessa to Simferopol, the main city in Crimea. It is a night train that will ride 466km in 12 hours.
Being in sunny Odessa really feels like holidays. Our hosts Vania and Sasha do not work this sunday and spend the whole day with us, first bringing us for a haircut, then to the beach for some freesbee throws until the sunset with their friend Nik. Pretty chilled afternoon!

Our train leaves at midnight, so we headed home to pack and get food for the trip, then towards the station to get there at about 11 and avoid bad surprises while getting the bikes into the train. As expected, the controller is not bicycle friendly and does not look confident about us being able to store those two big bikes into the small wagon. But…

We just had 4 minutes to greet and say goodbye to Sasha and Vania, who did everything they could to help us with everything we needed – great help as things gets complicated when not able to speak russian- ; and make us feel comfortable at our new home in Odessa. We had no idea about each other 3 days ago, and now we’re good friends. Another travelling win!
The train started and the controller quickly showed up to check if and how we managed to put the bicycles into the wagon. He looks really impressed by our packing, as we are not taking any of the space of our wagon-mates. He had a smile that saying ‘ok, you won. I’m not pissed at you anymore and I won’t be able to ask you for extra money’, then left.
We switched off the light at about 2am and the locomotive breath helped us to close our eyes and fall asleep.

The next morning came faster than expected, despite the heat during the night, and we were already in Crimea by 8am. We arrived in Simferopol at noon and had a few minutes to take our bicycles out of the train. Putting the front wheels and set the bikes back went smoothly, they even seem to work better than 3 days ago.

We directly felt that we were somewhere else. It’s about 27 degrees and the pine trees smell give the area a mediterranean flavour, and we can now look forward to our 10 days on the sea shore, between mountains and beaches.

One Response to “Day 34, 35 Speeding up to Crimea”

  1. Stany Scouflaire June 11, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    Toutes mes félicitations pour ce trip merveilleux ! Bon courage pour la suite !

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