Day 41 – Cyclos and raw food

14 Jun

The next morning was as sunny as the previous ones, and we woke up in front of that incredibly big rock. It was passed 10 AM and we missed our chance to cycle in the morning, the heat being alrady too heavy. But Novy Svit is a pretty nice place and we are happy to spend few more hours here, taking a swim and go for a walk next to the nearby cliffs.

During our walk, we found our 2 campers again, who advised where to go next : on a remote beach 30 km away, a meeting point for hippies and ecologists…why not? We started in the late afternoon for another hilly and hot ride. No need to mention that the landscapes are once again pretty amazing. On the way, we met another cyclotourist, Zahid from Uzbekistan, on his way for a 7 months trip around the black sea. As you can see, he carries way less stuff than we do -one of his heaviest piece is his rug for praying-, he’s way older, and his bike is way less appropriate than ours for a long trip. Such an inspiring and admirable man. We exchanged our adresses (not email, the physical ones :), promised him to send the picture we took together to Uzbekistan, and got our first place to stay in Central Asia.

Down at the sea level, we had to find that little hippie beach, and asked the first guy we saw if he knew where it was. He did, and directly offered to lead us to the spot, after getting some food from the local store. We decided to camp together, as he was spending some holiday time in Crimea too. He lead us not to the beach we were aiming for, but at a spot that he knew, high up in the mountains, next to a spring. We set up the tent, found some dead hoak for the fire, and started the evening. Roman was a 50-something years old santa claus sosie. Currently clinical researcher, but he used to work as a climber/rescuer in the caucasian mountains during USSR period. He  had good english and explained us how he cured his cancer symptoms by fasting several times for more than 20 days, and eating raw food only. He spent quite some time advocating for his diet, saying we should try it during our bike trip, to feel more energetic. Good call, but I think we like our sashliks too much to get rid meat right now! Roman also makes us try several different natural crimean wine, which is renowned in Ukraine and beyond. Tasty. Then plays a bit of guitar, singing traditional folk russian songs. Another pretty good evening in Crimea…

One Response to “Day 41 – Cyclos and raw food”

  1. Jonathan June 19, 2012 at 8:35 am #

    Putain ç’a m’a l’air bien allumé la Crimée! J’adore.. ha ha ha (rire fou)….. 😉 @ Yves: Je veux une démo du truc de Yoga avant de plonger pour votre retour! @ Nic: je trouve que toi aussi tu devrais jouer de la flute en petit slip de bain..ça t’irait très bien j’en suis sûr 😉 Bonne continuation à tous les deux!! et merci de nous faire rêver un peu ici il fait dégeu…

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