Days 39, 40 – Closer to the cosmos

14 Jun

Few days past since our last post in Yalta…we’ve spend most of the time very close to nature, camped the whole week and did not have ectricity to feed our computer and update the blog. We first followed the coast from west to east, and had to climb many hills and mountains under heavy sun. We never sweat as much as we did in Crimea, even if we cycled mostly in the morning, and after 5PM. Crimea has been way tougher that what we expected, but the scenery we’ve been cycling in and the people we met made our trip in the region unforgettable. Why this region is not known in the west stays a mystery for us (even Romanians do not seem to know much about crimea), as it is a perfect holiday destination : nature, sun, history, good food, and laid back people.

Our first camping night was above a beach in a very small village where we stopped to watch Euro2012 soccer game Russia-Czech Republic. All the people watching the game were cheering for Russia, who won the game. It was therefore in an euphoric environment that we’ve set up the tent in the dark, in front of a big warm moon giving us enough light to see, and look at the sky.

1AM moonshine

The heat woke us up early in the morning. We went to cool down into the sea, packed, and left to the east towards Sudak, one of the big town in south Crimea. We arrived there in the afternoon after long and very hot uphills. We stopped for lunch and waited the sun to chill down a bit. On the beach, in the center of the town.

7AM sunshine

Back up in the mountains…

…and down at the beach in Sudak

We met there 2 local campers, Kate and Olek, who advised us where to find a good camping spot for the night. We followed their advice and headed up to Novy Svit, few kilometers away from Sudak. We rode next to some big castles and huge rocks before reaching the village, which is pretty small and seems to be for the upper class society. While trying to find a good spot to put the tent, a fisherman came to talk to us and ask about our trip, seeming to be pretty enthusiastic about it. He was living just next to  sea, so we asked him if we could possibly put the tent closeby…which he accepted. He didnt’t want any money, but a ‘present’, which is over here synonym of vodka bottle. When we came back from the shop with the present, he was cooking some fish soup for all of us, made out of his catches of the day. We shared the -very good- meal with 2 of his moscovit friends, and interrupt the soup with vodka shots from time to time.

On the way to Novy Svit

With Sergey

We understand Sergey is a crazy and interesting character. He fishes only with his hands (no net, no fishing rod, no boat), can dives 50 meters down and stay up to 3 minutes in apnea. He practices some kind of tibetan yoga to control his breath, and plays ukranian flute.

Nico started playing flute too for an improvised concert, which was an awesome way to connect without language. Afterwards, Sergey felt the need to get back to water and showed us his techniques of concentration before diving, using cosmic and dolphin energy 🙂

Playing flute after night diving…a normal night for Sergey

We saw light in the water ; it was Sergey’s mates, fishing with torches. They showed us all the types of fishes and medusas in the area, then the catches they just made.

There was still some work to do to empty our present and we were spending very good time all together. We went to sleep late in the night, loaded and happy to have met such an incredible guy.

4 Responses to “Days 39, 40 – Closer to the cosmos”

  1. Bénédicte June 14, 2012 at 2:34 pm #

    Encore une rencontre extraordinaire!! Quelle nuit surréaliste vous avez dû passer 😉
    Et merci, maintenant la Crimée est dans le top 5 des prochaines contrées que je veux découvrir 🙂

  2. cyclingfurther June 15, 2012 at 6:34 am #

    Oui c’était un des meilleurs moment du trip bien que chaque jour est top 😉 Avant de faire ce trip j’avais jamais entendu parlé de cette région et j’encourage quiconque à y faire un tour!

    • Benedicte June 16, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

      Je crois que tu m’as convaincue… 😉

  3. sergei September 8, 2012 at 8:14 am #

    в принцепе написали правдиво рад был познакомится с такими сумащедшими людьми всего хорошего сергей новый свет

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