Days 50 : Caucasus, here we go!

21 Jun

We sketched an itinerary on our map, along the south of Georgian Caucasus, and started cycling towards Khulo, 90 km east from Batumi. After a few kilometers, Dimitri, a russian cyclist, stopped his car and started talking to us with a lot of enthusiasm, cheering us and talking about his bicycle trips from Moscow to Italy, then from Oural to Vladivostock (impressive!!). He took a few pictures with us, gave us some bread, then we started discussing our itinerary in Georgia, country that he knows very well. He gave us great tips about which roads to take and we followed all of his advice, shaping a new trip towards the Caucasus.

The first part of the road had been flatter than expected, as we were following a river from the valley, going upstream. The water was everywhere, with numerous waterfalls on the side of the road, allowing us to refresh ourselves every few kilometers. We met several other groups of people on the way all eaqually friendly. We received from a nice guy a big bag of cherries just picked up from the tree, then the neighboor gave us 4 cucumbers and his friend proposed us a toast of Chacha, which we had to refuse -still many kilometers to ride!

Cherry picking

After a few hours of pleasant cycling, we found a perfect spot for camping : a flat piece of land full of grass, surrounded by a river, with a lot of dead wood. We stopped there, asked a guy if it was ok to camp. Once again, we were more than welcome to stay there overnight. We set up the tent, took a swim in the river, gathered the wood for the fire, then enjoyed a relaxed evening under the stars, next to an incredible amount of blinking fireflies.

Cycling an historical bridge. Many of them in the area!

Nice camping spot

With lots of clean water

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