Day 56 : Georgian table

27 Jun

One day spent with the locals. Always good. So we stayed for a non cycling day with our host Davit, who planned a fishing day next to the local river with us and his friends. We took a ride on the 36 year old Lada of Davit, met some pigs and donkeys on the way, then arrived to the river. The guys were fishing while were were spending time with the cows of the village. All the cows  go to the river everyday, and the one who look after them changes day after day ; the more cows you have, the more days you will spend looking after them. Today was Tristan on duty, and he spent the day with us. Fishing with nets had proven to be the best way in that river, and that’s how people fish for many generations.

People here fish with good consciousness : “don’t fish too much ; just fish for your needs”. Rural Georgians seems to have understood sustainable development centuries ago and we probably have to learn a lot from them. We were 6 people, so they fished one or two kilos before coming back, get the fire ready to cook them and make a proper georgian table.

Tristan, cow shepherd today

A georgian table is (another) orgy of food and drinks, but has a spiritual dimension : a Tamada is there to act as a master of cermemony -a bit like a priest ; and is responsible for the toasts. Evertime the glass gets full of homemade wine, people listen to the toast and has a thought about what is being talked about. We toasted dozens of times, about friends, water, ground, nature, parents, ancesters, Georgia, Belgium, freedom, and what else. Today is definitely the day with the most spiritual drinking of the trip.

Tamada for the day, on the left

At some point, Tristan’s son joined the table with his german gun, as he wanted to hunt and get us some meat. After some angry talk with his father -because the cows were running away from the river, he went to hunt but only came back with this alive turtle, that we obviously didn’t eat.

12 liters of wine later, we headed home in the Lada, where Nico was waiting for us after a peaceful walk along the fields.

One Response to “Day 56 : Georgian table”

  1. nicilaskin June 27, 2012 at 1:36 am #

    it is still the 26th here, but looks like you had a lot of fun, and more drinking, telling you your liver will thank you :), i love your blog and your adventure, thanks for posting it 🙂

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