Day 57 : Flat tire in Tbilisi

28 Jun

In the morning, Davit gave us more insights about the history of his house, built by his grandfather, a well known soccer player in USSR, in the fifties. He spent 4 years in the army after World War II, then got contacted by several big european soccer clubs, but prefered to come back to his village, build a house and raise his children. Their piece of land is full of vegetables, fruits, and animals ; enough for their needs.

Davit’s grandparents

Before we left, we received many fruits and some homemade wine for our trip. We exchanged our contact information and hope we’ll be back in Jiorgiashvili some day! And we hope it will remain the same. 🙂

Goodbye picture

The ride to Tbilisi was an easy one, only one though hill, and we felt the density of traffic increasing as we got closer from the capital. The landscapes also got driers, and Tbilisi surroundings are way more desertic than everything we’ve seen so far in Georgia.

Dry lands

Very close to the city, Yves rode on a nail that his back tire couldn’t handle. After 2850km, we got our first flat tire…it had to happen at some point! We took the occasion to repump all our tires at the gas station -impossible to pump 4 bars manually ; put our bikes in the car wash, and smartened them. They seem brand new again.

We now know we can fix a flat tire!

Pimp my bike

Based on a recommendation from our fellow belgian brothers cycling the world (check out their amazing trip here), we wanted to reach Romantik Hotel in Tbilisi, a travellers hotel where you pay 5 euros per night, including free vegetarian dinner, coffee, tea, and homemade wine. We couldn’t find the address anywhere on the web, so if anyone is interested, here it is : 46, Dolidze Street ; close to the Technical and Medical Universities. Highly recommended! For our first night, we found another equally cheap room in Georgia Hotel, owned by the same people. We met a couple of friendly travellers from Slovenia and Denmark, and spent the late part the night working on the blog.


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