Day 58, 59 : Famous in Georgia!

28 Jun

We got escorted to Romantik Hotel in the morning, then took some time to visit Tbilisi. The city is ten times bigger than any other city in Georgia, where 1 million people live (5 million in the entire country). It is noisy, has a dense traffic, and beautiful old buildings next to funky, modern architecture. Also, lot of street art.

As we probably won’t have many other occasions to get to a bike shop in the coming months, we did a pit stop in the -probably only- bike shop in the city (address: 140, A. Tsereteli Avenue), where we got some more oil and grease for the chains.

We then took a ride on the funicular to reach the top of the hill and visit Narikala, an ancient fortress overlooking Tbilisi and the Kura river. There, georgian television was shooting for the news, interviewing tourists to get their feelings about the city, and Nico got his moment of fame!

After some more walk in the old town and a visit of an art studio, we came back to the hostel, ate the beautiful vegetarian meal given to us, and discussed with an interesting guy from Sweden, who worked from the World Bank and other financial institutions, and who had a very interesting point of view about the system built by the west and where it is going -probably not in the best direction.

At 10 O’clock was the news, and we could see Nico for several seconds, talking about the trip and how nice Tbilisi is. The funny thing is that our danish friends from the hotel were featured in the program as well, that we watched together. After was the Euro semi final. And after that we improvised a reggae party with the sound system of the hotel, with the few travellers that were with us (about 5!). Good times!

Today, it rained a lot and we decided to stay here one more night, as we like the vibe of the place. We only came out to buy a kebab and take that picture below. A productive day.

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