Day 64 : Last bits of Caucasus

7 Jul

We got woken up by thunder and rain in our tent, so we quickly moved back to the house. We then met another family member, who welcomed us inside for a warm cup of tea. We then shared noodles and bread together before saying goodbye to Saha and hit the road.

We decided to take the smaller road as it was supposed to be more beautiful, rode along the caucasus and were amazed by magnificient scenery of high Caucasus, where we could see 4000+ meters high summits, being a natural border with Russia.

Most rivers are empty at this time of the year

At dinner time, we luckily passed through a street full of ladies baking traditional bread, where we bought our food for the night. We then cycled some more kilometers before finding a good camping spot next to an abandoned church on a hill above a river. We asked the local sheppard if we could camp and he had no objection at all. We ended up the evening in the church, improvising a Dubstep party. Unfortunately, nobody joined us!

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