Day 66 : Final battle with the Caucasus

8 Jul

Ramila woke us up with some cups of sugared, hot milk in the sunny morning. We took a quick shower with the hose normally used to water the garden, played with the kids, and said bye to the family and neighboors.

The ride was hilly for a few dozens of kilometers, then started getting steeper. We went through several mountains, sweating a lot. After climbing a long one, we stopped for lunch, rehydration, and waited for the sun to calm down, as it was very hot that day.

Azeri delicatessen

We gained more elevation in the afternoon, and had breathtaking landscapes over the whole region. Kids selling fruits gave of full bags of pears and apples, telling us we would need them for the next climb…they were right! The last hill of the Caucasus  was no joke : 5km, 12 to 15% climb with no break, 1 hour ride.

Nico is high (but not at the top!)

Last chapter of the Caucasus

 …and getting there!

Woup Woup!

Arrived on the other side of the mountain, the landscape completely changed and we entered a semi desertic region, very dry, where yellow replaced green, and where it nearly never rains. The good part is that we started getting down, for a long time. The late afternoon was very enjoyable : fast ride on a nice road, refreshing wind, and sun setting over beautiful mountains.

We took a small path next to the road to put the tent, got away from the main road and found our spot : a small valley in the desert, the bed of a spring river. This was our first introduction to desertic regions, and we really enjoyed its peaceful quietness. We had a good sleep under the stars, out of any kind of civilization.

One Response to “Day 66 : Final battle with the Caucasus”

  1. Chatter Master July 8, 2012 at 11:18 pm #

    This life you are living….sigh. Beautiful.

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