Desert, day 3, 4 : Rock and dust

29 Jul

No! I’m not gonna die here 

We left Shetpe late in the afternoon, after having tried to find a new tube in the bazar, but failed (no 26 inches here, only 24 and 28!). We were happy to find some more asphalt on the way, together with canyons and little villages. It is a very enjoyable ride, with majestic surroundings and good road. However, we could only ride 50 km as Nico punctured his tired (again, and again!), which slowed us down around 7 pm after having a snickers break.So good to have you here !

We kept on riding after sunset, but were blocked at some point as we ended the asphalted road and didn’t want to risk more tires in the dark. Somehow, it feels like being in Arizona…even if none of us didnt go there. We set up the tent not too far away from the road as we got warned several times about the wolves living in the area. We coked some good pastas looking at the amazing sky then went to sleep. 

The next day had to be a long one, as we had to catch up the distance we didnt do during the last few days. We therefore woke up early with the sun, and started cycling around 7. We cycled the track as fast as we could, and left the steppe to enter a more desertic area. We have mountains around ourselves, with meters of salt on the rocks, remaining from an old sea who was there thousands of years ago. We got offered a ride by a friendly kazakh, telling us it was more than 45 degrees and that this road was the most difficult one on Kazakhstan. As we didnt one to cheat (at least, on this bit :), we refused and kept on cycling towards the next ChaiKhana (Tea House). After a really steep hill leading us there, we stopped, exhausted, after sweating few liters of water, that we took back with liters and liters we drank there. It’s gonna be tough dude !

Probably one of the hardest climb we ever did under 45° but still good looking

We took few pictures with the hosts (“they are americans!!’) then got back on the road after 6. We cycled more on that road, Nico got his bydaily flat tire, then we surprisingly got back on the asphalt. It was very welcomed as this road began to be a pain in the ass -litteraly!-. We slept next to the next Chai Khana, 50 km away, after having a good plov!It’s ok, I’m getting use to it 😉

What an amazing sunset

One Response to “Desert, day 3, 4 : Rock and dust”

  1. aheikkinen July 30, 2012 at 5:50 am #

    Tough guys, tough cycling, great pictures 🙂

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