Day 5, 6 Twisters to salvation

1 Aug

The last 2 days in the desert were more monotonous, with uniformed and flat landscapes as far as the eye could see. We got used to the desert routine, with an early wake up, morning cycle, then a rest in the afternoon followed by a more relaxed ride under the sunset. The visual highlights were the little tornados we could see next to us, taking big amount of sand high into the sky. Chaikhanas are now only each 50 km, which makes the ride more exhausting. Those little houses with frozen bottles of water and sodas are our oasis, and getting to the next one always feels like a serious achievement.

Ya Man!

After 2 days in those conditions, and more than 300 km on non asphalted roads, we finally got back on the tarmac, which was a big relief, both mentally and physically. Those 6 days in the desert took us 3 flat tires, 1 pole and 1 luggage rack broken, 1 fall, and around 50 liters each of water and sodas.

We celebrated the return of the asphalt in the last chaikhana, where we stayed the whole afternoon, thinking about this whole desert thing that was behind us, and happy it was getting to its end.

Back to civilisation

We were 40 km away from Beyneu, on the Uzbek border, and cycled there in the late afternoon, with facing wind slowing us down. Arrived in town, a guy in a big jeep proposed us to wash –we probably looked dirty enough at that point-, so we started following him in the city center. We thought he’d lead us to his house, but instead drove us to the local sauna. We didn’t exactly understand who this guy was ; he just told us there were showers and food, and that everything was on him…then left straight without even saying goodbye. The cold shower we took there was the best thing in the world that could happen to us, and we felt like staying there forever (we still don’t know where all that water was coming from!). Cleaned, dried and fed, we headed to the hotel nearby and slept like little babies in a room with AC, a luxury you truly appreciate in this part of the world.

For everyone who made it

Brand new dudes !

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