Day 99 : Last stop in Uzbekistan : Andijon!

8 Aug

It has been a bit emotional to say goodbye to the family in the morning, but we had to go : Kyrgysztan was waiting for us! The next town was Andijon, a city that is sadly famous for the fights that happened here in 2005. Surprisingly, the road was going down and was in a good shape as well. We quickly went through our 120 km to get there, stopped for fish (!!!) next to a river, and did several breaks to eat nectarins, peaches and apples, which are incredibly tasty.

Nice spot on the way to Andijon

Fresh and tasty

Best fruits ever

In order to get a last stamp in Andijon, we stopped in a hotel that had been recommended to us (Villa Elegant), and were delighted to see it was nice and big, with even a clean swimming pool and ping pong table -Incredible-. We met 2 french cyclotourists who were there for the same reason, and went to eat with our last uzbek shashliks in a nearby restaurant.

Good reward after 10 days cycling

One Response to “Day 99 : Last stop in Uzbekistan : Andijon!”

  1. Laurent l. August 12, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    Vous etes des genius… Enjoy… On se voit en septembre… Gros bisous de toute la bande en direct du bois de la cambre… Laurent, greg, vince w, alvarez. Celine, charles le vilain.

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