Days 89, 90 : Shade in Samarkand

8 Aug

We stayed 2 days and a half in Samarkand, one of the most beautiful cities of central asia that has a packed history with tadjik and persian influences. The most stunning site we saw is the Registon with its mausoleums and mosques, which survived both Genghis Khan and several earthquackes over the years.

We stayed in a nice B&B in the old town, and took time to relax and rest in the garden, surrounded by peached, apricots, apples and grapes. We met there many travellers, including 2 belgians ; the first ones we’ve seen in 3 months! It was pleasant to talk about fricadelles and share the pride of having won a medal in the Olympics 🙂

Beside resting in the shade, we got invited by the neighborood community of the neighborood for a ramadan dinner, paid a visit to our friends’ house for lunch and tasted some more of the  uzbek hospitality, which reminds us of the the georgian one. We just have been unlucky when we went to a shop to print pictures for our friends and got a virus on Nico s SD card and had to shoot the screen with another camera (that s why the pix look that vintage).

Staying in Samarcand was very pleasant and we could easily have stayed much longer in the city; however we were slightly in a rush as we needed to cycle 800 km in about 10 days…so we packed our gear and got back on the road.

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