Day 100, Kyrgyzstan here we are!

25 Aug

Our arrival in Osh customs was a symbolic one, as it would be the last border we cross on the bike, since the rest of the trip is in European Schengen area. As most of the previous ones, we’ve been asked to skip the queues and go straight to the passport check. The guy was a bit confused as we got a Kyrgyz visa, made 2 months ago, while in the meantime Kyrgysztan became visa free for Europeans. Osh is the last big city before the chinese border, and you feel the influences straight away : Chinese cars, chinese food, and blinking lights in markets where they sell cheap chinese things in plastic. For the first time in weeks, we had the possibility to eat something new and went for a chinese meal in a restaurant that even had a menu! At that time, Osh was full of cyclotourists who got deported from Tadjikistan (most were cycling the Pamir road) due to recent tensions in the country. We talked to few nice people in the guesthouse, and were advised not to go closer from the chinese border as we intended to : the road was in a pretty bad shape, and many people came back heavily food poisoned. We therefore decided to change our itinerary and cycle towards Naryn, in the east. The following day was off cycle, and fully devoted to the blog : internet speed has not improved, and we still have to use proxies to login to WordPress, which slows even more the connection. We didn’t experience such a slow internet since the early 90’s, and uploading our pictures has been really painful!

Osh bazar speciality

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