Day 107 : The final ride

27 Aug

The last ride of our trip in Central Asia was from Karabalta to Bishkek, approximately 60km. Nothing interesting on the way, but we were pretty excited as it was our final destination in Asia, and getting there was the result of 107 days of pedaling through eastern europe and central asia, for more than 5300 kilometers. After celebrating our achievement with a beer, we headed up to the bike shop to see how we could pack our bike. The guys gave us empty boxes and helped us packing our gear as well as possible. We did a pretty good job and just have to hope that there won’t be any damage in the plane. Bike packed, we could plan the last few days of trip we had in Kyrgystan to explore the Issyk Kul area, with its beautiful lakes and mountains.


One Response to “Day 107 : The final ride”

  1. Cecile August 28, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    Hey, buddies, je suis très fièrote de voir que le venin Taquet, d’où qu’il vienne, où qu’il aille, nous tienne en route sur cette vieille planète. Bizz Cécile

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