CF part 2, on the road again

6 Sep

After spending five days with our beloved girlfriends (Nic and Anna in Budapest) (Yves and Iva in Zagreb) it was already time to hit the road again! I first took the same train as Yves did 5 days earlier and had to deal with the croatian customs for the 50 caps I was carrying ;). Once done  I found my fellow back in Zagreb and got ready for the 332 k heading up to Pula in Istria where we were supposed to have one of the best music experience ever. But before we had to set up the bycicles from the boxes it was sleeping in for more than a week and make a proper clean up.

cleaning our babies

new handlebar style

It is really nice to be back on european roads as they are brand new in Croatia, the first day is mainly flat which is good for our legs getting use to cycling again. Around 7 pm we started to think about a place to sleep. We quickly sent a couchsurfing request arriving in Karlovach after cycling 80 km. Jelena called us back within a short time and welcomed us at her place. She did a great job as she had a house for the guest in the backyard and we felt like kings staying there. After some nice talks we went to sleep.

Jelena cool couchsurfer

We woke up with a flat tire the day after, but we enjoyed staying there fixing it as the place was really nice. Around midday we went back on the road and started to feel the legs as the Balkans showed up bigger and bigger. There is always a price to pay to get some impressive sceneries and we know it!

Yves at work

Balkan beats

The sun is now getting down and the legs are tired, we have to ring a bell and ask for setting the tent in a garden. At this point it is really easy to see the difference between Europe and Central Asia. The people are not curious about us anymore, they don’t wave at us when they see us and they look suspicious when we get to their place asking for a piece of land to set the tent. But still they accepted after looking at our faces a few seconds realizing we are not murderers 🙂 .Winter’s coming

The night was great for our tired legs, today we might see the Adriatic sea, but before there is still some steppe roads to climb. We are now deep in the Balkans and enjoy every downhill. We also meet more and more cyclist telling us we are getting closer to the sea shore. Finally we reached the sea after a 20 k downhill well deserved. We stopped for lunch in Rijeka then we starting following the coast and we enterred Istria region. On the way to pula we met a Dutch/Australian family they are cycling for four years they sold their house to do it and school the kids via internet. We felt a bit boring compared to them :). At 10pm we were still on the saddles and had to find a place for the night. We found a bar and they agreed to let us set the tent next to it on the parking. Pretty tired after 128k we slept like babies.

 lucky Nico and his Joly Jumper

The beautiful Adriatic sea

Cycling for 4 years…Respect!

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