Outlook Festival here we go!

7 Sep

 This morning we feel really excited cause we know we’ll meet some friends we haven’t seen for the past 4 months! They also planned to go to Outlook festival so it’s gonna be a big Belgian meeting. We just have to cycle around 40k. What a great feeling to see all those familiar faces wearing a big smile entering the city of Pula. After some squizzy hugs, we brought the bicycles to the camping place, the security did not even look at what was in our luggages and even provided a guard with a dog between the fence and the bicycles to make us feel it is safe !

We still plan to sell some caps from Kyrgystan or trade it for beers as the prices are really expensive here as the festival is “English organisation”. Hopefully everybody will want to get one! But for now and for the next 5 days, let’s have some fun! And don’t be shocked looking at the pictures….this is just a music festival!

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