Discovering more Istria

19 Sep

The Outlook festival is behind us now, there we had such good times with our fellows. Having the caps was a real succes as everybody wanted to get one 🙂 ! The day after the festival Yves and I took a different route, he went to spend a few days on a island with some friends by the time I was resting in Rovinj, a really nice place in Istria. After 3 days we found ourselves again in a city called Pazin. There was a concert of TBF, a well known croatian band we had seen 7 years ago. On the way down to Pazin Yves’ front tire exploded due to a chinese fix that couldn’t resist too long. Fortunatly it was just few hundred meters away from the city center of Pazin and he was on time for the concert. There we just parked the bikes behind the soundtable and had a great evening with the locals. Around two am we still had no idea where to sleep until Dino gave us the keys of  a kind of cultural center where we could sleep, and even enjoy an internet connection.

VIP parking


The day after we still had to fix the tire, so we walked to a shop uphill who was supposed to help. Once there we found the door closed but the guy took on his freeday to fix the problem. The tire was that damaged that we had no other option to replace it and buy a new one.

Nicolas Matic is the guy

In the middle of the afternoon we were ready to go cycling to Motovun, a lovely village hanged  up in a hill, wellknown for its beauty, its truffels, and for the fact that it is located at a “crossroad of positive energy meridians”. Arriving close to the village the scenery is breathtaking, the  hill is surrounded by vineyards, making it so peacefull. On the way to the top we met one of Yves’ friend, living both in Motovun and Zagreb. Funny, unexpected meeting! In the evening we of course tried the famous truffle melted with some cheese and had a great tender piece of meat in a classy restaurant on the top of the hill. We found a place to set the tent on a parking behind the wall of the castel and had a great night there.


with Jacob

One of the best piece of meat ever

One Response to “Discovering more Istria”

  1. Pierre September 20, 2012 at 5:01 pm #

    Beautiful place it seems ! Worth the trip, would say the Michelin Guide !

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