After 3 months, back in the rain.

15 Oct

Sylwia was working in the morning, while we were sleeping like babies in her flat. We slowly woke up and decided we would cook for her when she would come back from work, at lunchtime. We got some pesto and pastas, then started cooking. She arrived, and put her pinch of polish salt into the meal. Pesto cooked together by belgians and polish was a great success, and gave us the energy we’d need to start cycling…around 3PM.

What a beautiful ceiling

It was cloudy and the forecast was talking about rain, a word that left our vocabulary 3 months earlier. We just rode few kilometers when the first drops hit our faces, but we kept on riding even if the rain was getting stronger. ‘Ok, let’s put our K-ways, it should be somewhere buried into my bag’. But then it became stormy and we got soaked, like in the good old times in Romania. We stopped just 30km further, in Piacenza, as we wanted to dry, and get warmer. It was also already late, so we’d have to think -again- about accomodation, as we didn’t want to camp in the rain. We thought we would be as lucky as the day before, then started asking people around, and sending couchsurfing requests. It didn’t work, and we seriously thought about going back to Sylwia’s flat in Cremona. She was concerned about us having a roof for the night, and totally up for us to come back. Unfortunately, no train nor buses could handle our bikes, and coming back cycling in the rain was out of question. We gave up and found the address of the cheapest hotel in town, around 50 euros for a double room. We stopped in a cheap chinese restaurant for food and roof, and that’s where the magic started to happen. On the table next to us, a group of moldavians, ukrainians and romanians was eating, drinking and talking, mostly in russian. We left the table around the same time, and started talking with our basics of Russian.

Mika, Sergei, Dani and Niko

It felt good to practice the language that followed us through most of the trip, with people from countries we all crossed. They were bluffed with us talking about small villages they knew about, and say a few words of each of their languages. ‘Davaï piva!’ one said, and we all went to the sinister bar in front of the restaurant, for a round of beer together. Prostitutes had meetings with their clients in the bar, and we saw few weird people around…but anyway, we were all excited by this unexpected meeting, and stayed there for a while, always an eye on the bike to make sure they wouldn’t get stolen. The drunkest of the group -the romanian one- was living closeby and offered us to stay at his place, nearby. We went with the guys to his place on the bicycle, but, arrived there, he couldn’t walk, nor talk, and hosting us was not possible anymore. We stayed with the others, who were very sorry about what happened, and wanted to lead us to the hotel, and go for another beer. It stopped raining, and we were in a good mood, so we went for a last beer next to the last bar opened in the city. After an hour or so of advanced russian chatting, we thought we’d go somewhere and camp in the fields, as the sky was clear, and it didn’t feel like raining for good few hours. After goodbye hugs with our best friend of the night, we cycled for about 15 meters, when we heard people speaking french. ‘Some Frenchies’ I said, loudly. ‘Yes, we are! What you doing here?’. ‘We’re cycling, coming back from China!’. ‘Really? Where are you sleeping tonight?’. ‘We don’t know…we’re about to go camping somewhere in the fields’. ‘You kidding? Ok, you two come to our place, we have a flat in the center!’. ‘Wouhou! Sure, let’s go!’. We got the address, and met the students in their flat, had some talk, and gave one of our remaining Kyrgyz cap to one of them, who had a cap collection. He got terribly happy. Then we went to bed.

3 am accomodation with Nilse

She always keeps an eye on us

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