Al Eze

17 Nov

We had a first great surprise at sunset : a motorcyclist started riding with us and chatting on the road. He was also a keen cyclist and traveller, and asked us few questions about our project. After few minutes chatting with Nico (Yves was ahead), he hit the accelerator and left us. But then, at the next traffic light, he was there, waiting for us. “Where do you stay tonight”, he says. “We don’t know!”. “Ok, come to my place if you want. It’s up in the hills -a place called Eze, I have some wine, bread and saucisson. We can have dinner à la bonne franquette’”. “Sure, excellent. Let’s go!”. We followed him in the sinuous road for a sporty ride, looking at all the fancy houses, then arrived to his place, beautifully looking over the sea, with palm trees and all joys of the french mediterranean region. “Not bad for a first day in France”, we thought.

We are somewhere there

The view from the terrace

We relaxed on the terrace and started chatting with Alain, who is a security agent. Modestly, he explained us that he was the bodyguard of Chirac and Mitterrand while they were presidents of France, and told us, around a bottle of red wine, plenty of incredible stories of intimate moments shared with them : all the Christmas spent together, travels all around the world, protection of Mitterrand’s hidden daughter or support during the terminal phase of his sickness. Captivating. Then we learned about the area : “This is the highest concentration of wealth in the world. You see that peninsula there? It’s Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. Multibillionnaires from Russia, Ukraine and China are buying everything. I am working for one of them…whenever he goes somewhere, we are 25 around him”. Being described the lifestyle of those guys didn’t give us too much envy of becoming an ukranian billionnaire, though.

don’t move 😉

One of the good thing in France…Food!

After an evening of great stories, typical french food and wine with Alain, his wife Edwige and their son, we crashed on the sofa’s and woke up the next morning, looking at the sunrise on the sea. Pretty sweet place to live, we thought.
Before leaving, while eating delicious croissants and pains au chocolat, Alain gave us the contact info of his daughter Julie, who works and lives in Lyon, where we’d pass by few days later. That may be useful!
Thanks Alain, you rocked on every possible level! All the best with your future cycling trip 🙂

Good bye picture

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