Arrival in France

17 Nov

Our night in San Remo was the last one in Italy. Yves feeling better, we left our BnB in the early afternoon, and went from the top of the hill down to the coast, then following the road until Monaco, meeting more and more fancy cars on the road. We had the chance to cycle on the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix race, ride the famous tunnels and take some pictures on the starting line. There was a boat exhibition on the sea, where we’d think we’d stop by to have the most expensive coke of the trip. This had to be done 🙂


In Monaco, Coca-Cola in a cafe cost about 5 euros. So with some advanced mathematical skills, you realize that it is slightly more expensive than the one from Uzbekistan. 5€/0,25L = 20€ per liter, versus 0,5€ per liter in Uzbek Chaihanas. Mmmh, this coke 40 times more expensive. Not bad at all! We didn’t stay too long there, posh places have never been our cup of tea. Back on the road. We officially entered France late in the afternoon, a bit skeptical about what we had ahead. French people do not have a good reputation abroad…so let’s see if they are true assholes!

Got the pole position 🙂

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