Champagne on the tap

19 Sep


Longtime no see! We’ve been quite busy with other projects, and also little bit lazy for the past few months, but we’re back with the end of the story!

We said goodbye to the land of the “Grands crus” to enter the almighty “Champagne” region. Nico wanted to say hello to some friends in a small village, called Les Riceys, that he met 3 years ago, working in the vineyards. We arrived in the evening, not sure they would be there nor recognize him. Fortunately, they did, and they welcomed us with good food and of course Champagne. Olivier and Marie own some lands where they produce biological champagne, and they just finished the vendanges when we arrived. We spent the night talking about things that happened during the last 3 years, drinking the nectar of the gods. That was absolutely awesome and the day after, before leaving, they told us to come next year to cut the grapes with them and share more champagne. Olivier and Marie, we love you and get ready, cause we are coming soon -by bike, yeah!-.


Horiot grands crus


Family picture with Olivier, Marie, Nico and Emilie

The day after, we cycled 70k to a village called Margerie and we camped in a yard next to a school, the day was pleasant despite it was getting colder : October in the north of France is not summer anymore. The next morning we could feel that Belgium is not that far anymore and there were mixed feelings of ending this beautiful journey : happy to be back for families and friends, but aware that it’s not going to be the same, and that it’ll be hard to not live on the road anymore. We kept cycling up north, and stopped after another 70k. As usual, knocking on a door and meeting wonderful people. Jaques and Rose are over 80 years old and don’t seem to be afraid of young dirty guys like us. They allow us to set the tent in their backyard and even use their kitchen to cook some cassoulet.



Jacques and his bike

Before going to sleep we shared a glass of Mirabelle, the local strong alcohol. Jaques explains us that he still cycles every 2 days, and shared many stories of his youth, the second world war, and all important things that happened in his life. Before going to sleep, knowing this is our last night abroad, we celebrate with a champagne bottle we got from Olivier. Good night, tomorrow we’ll be in Belgium.

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  1. Bici Love September 23, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

    Great trip and adventure

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